Kernel Is Trying To Free Non-existent VM Space

If you notice that the kernel is trying to free up non-existent virtual machine space, the following guide will help you.

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    T Taneli Vaakangas ([email protected])
    Tuesday 23 June 1998 13:14:07 +0300 (EST)

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  • June 23, 1998 Alan Cox wrote>:

    > Jun 23 00:10:34 mylly kernel: ext2_truncate: inode repeat 124663,
    > It’s good
    > > Jun 13 00:28:32 mylly try kernel: into non-existent vfree() virtual machine space
    >> (c6869000)
    > > Jun 23 00:28:32 mylly Kernel: Trying to use vfree() rather than vm scope
    > existing > (c6869000)
    > Very bad
    >> harmless? The last two look intimidating… Hmmm, they seem to be from >
    > Something was trying to free all the memory it forgot to allocate.Extremely below en
    > means done.
    > > I didn’t do anything special, I wrote wine first, and then I tried it so that I could use it
    > > then. Anyway, with 96M, I don’t think it’s too much but sold, I can’tgu > say
    > safe.
    > When you see the VIN, that’s what triggers it. This is a personality trait that comes to my mind

    kernel trying to free nonexistent vm area

    Okay, definitely wine. In particular, he gives them out in lines every two
    I am trying to run COMMAND.COM from a file manager (WINFILE.EXE). By the way, contact
    It is old (c6869000) even though I turned off some machine for
    Overnight, accidentally deleted the red or white wine source tree and had to recompile.

    err:module:MODULE32_LookupHMODULE An attempt was made to lookup 0x0257 in Win32
    /win95C/windows/command /win95C/windows/ Unable to start
    binary file

    Just in case someone wants to explain what we are trying to do at the end. This

    kernel trying to free nonexistent vm area

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  • 1. Download and install Restoro
  • 2. Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • 3. Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect

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