Suggestions For Fixing Error Code H2 50200

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    Recently, some users reported to us that they encountered the h2 error code 50200. Error code 50200 is generated when another connection has locked an object for a time longer than the method connection’s lock timeout, or when a problem occurred.

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    I appreciate this weird h2 bug in the review (verse 1.2.147), the code basically has session2Read value:-

    Create from table xyz -> raises a timeout exception for table ABC with snapshot.Exit2

    h2 error code 50200

    The fantastic thing about this script is that when XXX is empty (i.e. doesn’t match your life code) I get a timeout exception, but when it contains a select statement everything works fine.

    Fields Modifier and type Description field static and integer ACCESS_DENIED_TO_CLASS_1

    Error using code 90134 is generated when hoping to load a Java class that is not one of the allowed classes.

    static integer ADMIN_RIGHTS_REQUIRED

    Error with HTML code 90040 occurs when the user under which no administrator attempts to assign this requires administrator rights.

    static integer AGGREGATE_NOT_FOUND_1

    Error with code 90132 appears every time output tries to get a user-defined function whose aggregate does not exist.

    static integer AMBIGUOUS_COLUMN_NAME_1

    Error code 90059 will definitely be returned when the query contains a column defined which may belong to custom tables.

    static integer code CAN_ONLY_ASSIGN_TO_VARIABLE_1

    Error containing 90137 occurs when trying to assign a value to something that is probably not a variable.

    h2 error code 50200

    Error code 90133 occurs when Attempting to change a specific database property when data, the database already exists open.

    static integer CANNOT_DROP_2

    Error code 90107 occurs when tries to delete the good object very much because the other object will become invalid.

    Static error, integer CANNOT_DROP_CURRENT_USER

    The one with the password 90019 fires when try minimizing the current user when there are definitely no other users with admin rights.

    static integer CANNOT_DROP_LAST_COLUMN

    Error using code 90084 is set when try to go down to the last lewis of the table.

    static integer CANNOT_DROP_TABLE_1

    Error code 90118 occurs when generated by a request to delete a table, it is not necessary to completely delete it.


    Error code 90123 before returned when Trying to compose regular parameters and indexed parameters in one statement.Int CANNOT_TRUNCATE_1

    static error code 90106 generated when looking for truncation for a table that cannot be truncated.

    static integer CHECK_CONSTRAINT_VIOLATED_1

    Error used by code 23513 is returned even ifverification constraint violated.

    static integer CLASS_NOT_FOUND_1

    Error for code 90086 will be dispelled when The class cannot be installed because it is not the complete classpath. or because the charm is not associated with the classpath.


    Error code with 90093 is returned when tries to connect to almost any clustered database that can work offline fashion.


    Error with HTML code 90094 occurs when is really trying to connect to the clustered database that ordered with other host chaos settings than when trying to connect.


    Error suggestion code 90089 is triggered by a change when actually sorting when the data already existed often data base.

    static integer c number column_contains_null_values_1

    Error code 90081 is returned when Trying to change function column to not allow null if it exists My table already has data where this column is NULL.

    static integer COLUMN_COUNT_DOES_NOT_MATCH

    Error with code 21002 is returned every time Copy number mismatch.

    Static integer error, number COLUMN_IS_PART_OF_INDEX_1

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  • 1. Download and install Restoro
  • 2. Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • 3. Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect

  • Thanks to 90075, when triggers, you want to modify the table and suggest a null value for a column that is likely to be part of The primary key of the hash index.

    static integer COLUMN_IS_REFERENCED_1

    Error with law 90083 occurs when If you try to delete a column immediately it will be part of the constraint.integer

    static number COLUMN_MUST_NOT_BE_NULLABLE_1

    Error and code 90023 appear when you want to set a primary key for a nullable column.

    static integer c number column_not_found_1

    Code error42122 fires, Link when Non-existent effective column.integer


    An attempt to call returns an error containing the code 90058 Commit or cancel in a trigger or when trying to positively call a method in a version that implicitly commits the payment, if applicable blocked.

    static in general evaluation compression_error

    Error with actual code 90104 when some data cannot be decompressed.

    static integer CONCURRENT_UPDATE_1

    Law error 90131 generated when multiple versions are used Checking, concurrency and trying to update the same row after only two connections at the same time, and attempts can be made to insert two rows, as well as one and the same Key connection of one.

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    Code D Erreur H2 50200
    Kod Oshibki H2 50200
    H2 오류 코드 50200
    Codice Di Errore H2 50200
    Codigo De Error H2 50200
    Kod Bledu H2 50200
    H2 Foutcode 50200
    H2 Fehlercode 50200
    H2 Felkod 50200
    Codigo De Erro H2 50200

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