How To Fix Error When Closing Internet Explorer Window

Here are a few simple steps that can help fix the problem with closing the Internet Explorer window.

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    If InYou Are All Windows Users And When You Try To Install Or Update The SlingPlayer Plug-in, The Message “Please Close Internet Explorer And Start The Installation” Appears, Try These Strategies To Solve This Problem. Internet

    Microsoft Explorer often opens background processes (software that runs “invisibly” alongside the main application) to perform various functions. But sometimes Internet Explorer doesn’t even finish these background processes perfectly after closing Internet Explorer itself.

    In this case, Internet Explorer appears to be stopped, but one or more background processes may still be running, preventing the slingplayer plug-in from installing correctly. Workaround

    The key to solving this tricky task with Microsoft Internet Explorer is to manually close all running Internet Explorer files.

    You can do this from the task manager on your computer:

    1. Close all Internet Explorer (if possible). Manager

    2. Open Windows task by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE and launch this task manager.

    3. Click the tab for “Processes”, in additionthe window that appears is similar to the window, you can perform the following operations:

    4. Search the Internet for the Explorer task, often referred to as iexplore.exe. Maybe (there are several.) In addition, you may see a process defined under the name ielowutility.exe or other identical Internet Explorer processes.

    5. Click on it, Click, then select End Process. Repeat for all other instances of iexplore.exe. DO Do

      Note. DO NOT do explorer.exe for this programming.

    6. How do I fix Internet Explorer won’t open and close immediately?

      Swipe in from the edge of the relevant screen (press Windows Key + C if you’re using a mouse), then tap or buy Search.navigate to search results or select Internet options.eachIn the Internet reset window, select File Explorer settings to filter their systems by selecting or resetting.

      Proceed to install the By watch Slingbox plugin. Or go to settings at

    error when closing internet explorer window

    Note. This issue may occur on some Windows XP, Vista, Windows 5, and Windows 8 operating systems.

    If your Internet company is using Explorer in a large office and all of a sudden the program behaves strangely and reappears, you can fix it and not hire a technician. IE allows you to reset it and change all settings back to block them, disable all toolbars and plugins, and delete temporary internet files and salt flats. You canReload Internet Explorer if you can’t open it.

    Reset Internet


    Why can’t I close Internet Explorer?

    In fact, it looks like Internet SE is stuck. Just press Ctrl+Alt+Del, then click Task Manager, right-click Internet Explorer and end the task.

  • Click exactly on the Windows Start button and at this point click on the Control Panel to open the Control Panel.

  • Click on Network and Internet. Link”. And then usually “internet links” options. (If your control panel is set to items” “Show by: “Large or small items” – instead of “Categories” – go directly to “Internet Options”.)

    Click < li> Don’t forget to click “Advanced” tab to view advanced Internet Explorer settings.


  • our “Reset” button section in settings “Internet Reset”

  • Select the option “Delete personal settings” and “Reset” to reset Internet Explorer settings.

  • < p>Click ” to Close “. Close my “Reset Internet Explorer” and “Internet Options” windows.

  • Disable Browser Add-ons

    1. How do I close a window that won’t close in Internet Explorer?

      Press “ALT” “ctrl” and “Del” to open the Windows Task Manager.On the Basic tab, click Internet Explorer Applications.Click End Task. When prompted to confirm that you want to force close Internet Explorer, select the Programs option.

      Open the control panel also, click the “Network and Internet” link.

    2. In

    3. click “Handy-Add-Manage Ons”. in the “Press Internet Options” section, the “Manage Add-on” buttonkami”.

    4. You

      select each add-on in the list and click the “Disable” button to disable it.

    5. Click ” Close” to close the “Manage Add-ons” window after disabling all add-ons.

    Delete Browsing History, Cookies And Other Temporary Internet Files

    1. Open the Control Panel, click the Network and Internet link, then click Clear Browsing History and Associated Cookies in the Internet Options category. (Also, you can just see “Internet Options” here if you’re not viewing control panel items by category.)

    2. error when closing internet explorer window

      Click the Delete button in the Viewer Window History section . Open the Delete Browsing History window.

    3. How do I fix Internet Explorer error?

      Click Manage Add-ons. In the Extensions Panel section, click the add-on you want to check for issues. “Deactivate”, Click then click “Close”. Click the Internet Refresh icon in Explorer (or press F5) to reinstall Then check if the problem can be fixed.

      Choose several options from Temporary Files, Internet Files, Cookies, and History, and click the My delete delete button. files, temporary Internet cookies and browsing history.


    will also say it has something to do with IE. I just updated my IE (via Windows Center) updates and now its version code is 8.0.6001.18702. Before that, sometimes there was IE 8, just its subversive (I don’t know which version was in the past).Now this problem is gone. only I launched and closed the system information window and there was no Internet Explorer script error.However, the nightmare was indeed in IE, and the latest major Microsoft update seems to fix it. However, I think that the problem is solved 🙂

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  • 1. Download and install Restoro
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  • 3. Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect

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