SOLVED: Suggestions For Resolving Drum Error On Brother Hl 2140

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    This article will help you when you encounter battery error on Brother hl 2140. After replacing the DR2100 drum unit with a Brother HL-2140 printer, you need to reset the printer’s website counter. This will turn off the printer’s drum warning light. Just open the front cover and hold the “GO” button until all four LEDs light up. Alternatively, release “GO” and you will close the front cover.

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    The Drum Light Is Always On, Otherwise I Will Replace The Drum With A New One After Playing.

    How do you reset the drum on a Brother printer HL 2140?

    To adjust the drum counter, hold Go down for about 4 minutes until the indicators light up. All as soon as four light up The LED means it’s on. Close the installation before doing so. make sure the drum light is off. Readabilitydatatable=”0″>

    The drum indicator, as shown below, will continue to flash, or if its drum counter has not been reset when replacing the drum with a new one.

    To remove the display you need to reset the pre-lit trees, I would say the drum counter, as described below.

    If you would like to reset the toner replacement indicators, click here to learn how to reset these indicators after you indicate that you have replaced a toner cartridge part. Follow the instructions

    Please follow the instructions in the following sections to reset the counter drum.
    Note. Illustrations The illustrations below are product specific and may vary. from a real Brother machine.Brother

    The following machine has a consumable toner cartridge and an image drum. Be sure to replace only the drum unit and not the toner cartridge. If you want to know the difference, see “What is the difference between a laser toner cartridge and a cartridge?”

    drum error on brother hl 2140

    Please only reset the drum counter to zero when someone replaces the drum. If someone resets the drum counter during the used drum life, the remaining drum life will not be displayed accurately.

    1. Be sure the machine is turned on.
    2. Open the front cover.

      drum error on brother hl 2140

    3. To reset the total reel counter, hold and press the Go button for about 4 seconds until almost all LEDs light up. Once four LEDs light up, you will be disconnected.

    4. Close the front cover.
    5. Make sure the drum indicator is off.

    Brother strongly recommends that customers use only Brother professional photoconductors and/or toner refills. For each laser Brother printers come with preset operating temperatures that match our custom toner formulations exactly. Each individual component is designed to work together to ensure both quality and reliability. The use of accessories from other manufacturers may affect the performance of the equipment, print quality, and therefore the reliability of the device. The Brother limited warranty does not cover damage caused by the use of photoconductors, toner cartridges, or third-party toner cartridges.

    If the drum light is still on or flashing, contact Brother Customer Service by contacting us.

    If You Didn’t Answer Your Own Question, Have You Looked At The Other FAQs?

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    If We Need Further Assistance, Please Contact Brother Customer Service:

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    1. â â ââ â ââ â â ââââââââââââââââââââââââ?

    – If we were using a new drum back then and I would say the error came back after the prints, take a look at a few here.

    – If you have NOT used a brand new drum because the error message is still displayed on the device screen, the device that pops up the new drum was not properly installed. Drum to device for general reset of drum life. Failure to follow the instructions completely or correctly will also cause the error and drum to flash and the corresponding drum error indicators to appear. To go to the next step.

    B. Hold down the white GO button (located on the left side of the machine) for about 4 seconds until all LEDs light up. Once all four LEDs are lit, the Go button will be released.

    – If the lights are flashing or you see a drum error, repeat step 2 to make sure you have completed the You’re right.

    How do I fix the drum error on my Brother printer?

    The coronator wires are dirty. They clean the corona wires with a drum.The drum tool or toner cartridge and photoconductor are not installed. Reinstall the toner cartridge and drum unit.If the problem persists, the drum has reached the end of its life.

    – If the error is not resolved and you have already repeated the hard reset steps, usually proceed to the next step.

    a. Open the front cover and remove the assembly and toner drum. Be sure to discard the drum unit and compatible toner pack from the disc in case the toner spills or spills.

    b. Gently slide the green tab back and forth at least 6 times.

    in. Green resets the rightmost start position to the instruction.

    d. Make sure the green tab clicks into place before inserting the drum unit and toner cartridge back into the machine. If this green tab is not sure of its original position, the printed website will have a vertical streak across the page.

    4. When you look at the drum with the toner cartridge next to it, there are three metal tags on the left side of the drum showing what the staples look like and a metal bar sticking out from the side. Wipe each with a soft DRY cloth, and lint-free.

    Why does my Brother printer keep saying drum?

    Brother machine’s message “Replace or Drum” “Stop Drum” is displayed when the main machine has printed approximately 15,000 texts. Drums should be replaced together to ensure print quality. Unlike printer toner cartridges, drum replacement is always detected by the machine when replacement begins.

    5. Install the drum unit and toner unit back into the machine completely and close the front cover. The message is no longer upshould appear.

    6. Brother strongly recommends that its customers only use genuine Brother Drum products and/or toner cartridges. Each Skin Brother Ist Laser Printer is designed to operate at specified temperatures that exactly match each individual printer’s toner cartridge recipe. Each component is specifically designed to work together when you need quality, reliability and. The use of supplies from other manufacturers may affect hardware performance, print quality, and device reliability. The Brother limited warranty does not cover problems resulting from the use of a third-party photoconductor, toner cartridges, or third-party toner.

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